Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anyone remember the Syrian chemical weapon attack?

It seems the UK media and our politicians have conveniently forgotten about the serious situation the country faced over Syria a few weeks ago.

Under intense pressure from the US Secretary of State John Kerry, Prime Minister David Cameron was on the verge of joining France and giving Barack Obama the green light for missile strikes against Syrian President Assad's government on the incredibly suspect accusation that Assad had ordered a chemical attack on his own people a few weeks before.

Foreign Secretary William Hague was on a frantic mission to convince everyone that Assad was a crazy dictator who was gassing his fellow Syrians and the righteous 'rebels' needed a helping hand to overthrow him.

The UK along with the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel had long been arming the 'rebels' but Assad and the Syrian Arab Army had stubbornly refused to capitulate during a war that had lasted two years. In fact, over recent months they had turned the tables and were actually winning the war when the mysterious chemical weapon attack occurred just as UN weapons inspectors had conveniently arrived  in Damascus to look at a previous chemical incident allegedly involving the 'rebels'.

It now is obvious that the chemical weapon attack was a false flag incident set up by rebel factions, and by factions we could now be talking about one of the many foreign groups that are fighting in Syria, there are mercenaries from so many countries it is hard to know where to begin. The original 'Arab Spring' inspired protests by a relatively small group of Sunni Syrian's against Bashar Assad who is Alawite, a minority sect of Shia Muslim has long been high-jacked by Saudi funded Jihadists and extreme Islamist groups that have been destroying the country and are now fighting each other and the original rebel army the FSA.

All in all, it's an ugly mess just as Iraq and Libya have become, with Egypt not far behind, western foreign policy not at it's finest that's for sure.

Just as US missiles were about to start raining in on who knows who and where in Syria, an unlikely figure stepped in and remarkably came up with a plan to not only save lives but which could ultimately end the conflict. It was the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, backed up I should say by a few Russian warships which had sailed into the Med to counter the US naval threat. We will possibly never know just how close we all came to WWIII but suffice to say Kerry and Obama backed down amid growing protests in their own country over the arming of Al Qaeda militias in Syria and the fact that Assad's army were in fact protecting Christian communities in the country.

The latest situation regarding the war in Syria is a possible Geneva peace plan in December arranged by Sergey Lavrov, maybe John Kerry could attempt to upstage him and get a deal with Iran, now who saw that coming? certainly not Israel and the Saudi's, all very unlikely bedfellows to say the least!


Anonymous said...

Bang on the money, Shinguard, and let's not forget that Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal family were created by the "British" establishment, or that they were in league with the nazis during the war.

Makes you wonder what Saudi Airlines find so attractive about Manston, hmm?

I wonder how much of this parliamentary voting down of an allied attack on Syria was actually a face saving exercise.

To see what I mean, have a listen to this guy.

William Epps said...

Look on the bright side, there was no missile attack and the result has been the decommissioning of the Syrian chemical weapons facilities. That has to be a plus.

As for your close to WWII bit, slightly over dramatised I think. The Russian navy is now a shadow of the old Cold War Soviet one and certainly no match for the US Navy anywhere. If the Russians never launched an attack in the days when as the USSR they had vast numerical troop and tank superiority in Europe, they are hardly likely to now.

Western diplomacy has failed repeatedly in the Middle East, but then the area has been a breeding ground for dissent, terrorism and Jihad ever since the British military withdrawal from Suez. It wasn't peace loving before, but a strong British military presence kept the lid on it until the mid 50s.

Shinguard said...

William, I should have mentioned there were also Chinese warships involved, not reported by UK media.

Anonymous said...

Great post Shinguard any chance you can get a job with the biased and corrupt BBC?

Shinguard said...

Hopefully you meant that as a compliment anon!

William Epps said...

The Chinese navy is relatively fledgling, not to mention a bit lacking in dockyard facilities in the Mediterranean, and even if combined with the Russian, no match for the US let alone the combined NATO fleets. More worrying should be the rapid increase in the strength of the Indian Navy to keep pace with the Chinese.

That is more likely to be the next arms race and potential flash point, particularly as the US becomes less inclined to finance the role of world policeman.

Penny said...

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Very nice :)
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Cheers shingaurd!

Shinguard said...

Thanks Penny

Your blog is well worth linking to!