Saturday, November 19, 2016

Monday, February 08, 2016

Syrian blowback for the EU

As hordes of Syrian rebels and foreign mercenaries flee Northern Aleppo from the advancing Syrian army and their allies, the full effect of blow back is slowly dawning on western European leaders.
Over a million migrants, many from Syria travelled across open borders last year into Germany while thousands upon thousands more have poured into Greece, Italy, Sweden and other lesser favoured EU countries putting enormous strain on social services and creating unrest among local communities. Reports of rape robbery and assaults by migrants are increasing.

The French port of Calais is overrun with up to 5000 migrants living in makeshift camps trying to get into the UK while millions of Euros have been lost due to Euro tunnel closures, Port closures, lost trade and the cost of police and security. The EU in panic mode has had to grovel and beg Turkish President Erdogan to detain up to 35,000 people fleeing Aleppo along with those already in Turkish border camps and will give him 6 billion euros of EU funds over two years in the process.

For this enormous bribe the Turkish tyrant has promised the EU he will not allow the refugees and the fleeing terrorists to leave the camps and delay the ever increasing exodus into Europe. In turn the EU turns a blind eye to the Turkish army’s brutal onslaught and shelling of Kurdish areas. The NATO loose cannon Erdogan has even given the US an ultimatum, support me or the Kurds!

If Merkel, Cameron and Hollande had any sense or morality, instead of making a pact with the devil they would be helping President Putin and President Assad finish this war in Syria asap. If it wasn’t for the fact they are all politically and financially up to their necks in hock to the US, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states this would certainly be the case
The EU is tottering on the verge of collapse and it is all of their own making. They should have listened to President Assad when he warned of this in 2013.