Monday, February 08, 2016

Syrian blowback for the EU

As hordes of Syrian rebels and foreign mercenaries flee Northern Aleppo from the advancing Syrian army and their allies, the full effect of blow back is slowly dawning on western European leaders.
Over a million migrants, many from Syria travelled across open borders last year into Germany while thousands upon thousands more have poured into Greece, Italy, Sweden and other lesser favoured EU countries putting enormous strain on social services and creating unrest among local communities. Reports of rape robbery and assaults by migrants are increasing.

The French port of Calais is overrun with up to 5000 migrants living in makeshift camps trying to get into the UK while millions of Euros have been lost due to Euro tunnel closures, Port closures, lost trade and the cost of police and security. The EU in panic mode has had to grovel and beg Turkish President Erdogan to detain up to 35,000 people fleeing Aleppo along with those already in Turkish border camps and will give him 6 billion euros of EU funds over two years in the process.

For this enormous bribe the Turkish tyrant has promised the EU he will not allow the refugees and the fleeing terrorists to leave the camps and delay the ever increasing exodus into Europe. In turn the EU turns a blind eye to the Turkish army’s brutal onslaught and shelling of Kurdish areas. The NATO loose cannon Erdogan has even given the US an ultimatum, support me or the Kurds!

If Merkel, Cameron and Hollande had any sense or morality, instead of making a pact with the devil they would be helping President Putin and President Assad finish this war in Syria asap. If it wasn’t for the fact they are all politically and financially up to their necks in hock to the US, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states this would certainly be the case
The EU is tottering on the verge of collapse and it is all of their own making. They should have listened to President Assad when he warned of this in 2013.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anyone remember the Syrian chemical weapon attack?

It seems the UK media and our politicians have conveniently forgotten about the serious situation the country faced over Syria a few weeks ago.

Under intense pressure from the US Secretary of State John Kerry, Prime Minister David Cameron was on the verge of joining France and giving Barack Obama the green light for missile strikes against Syrian President Assad's government on the incredibly suspect accusation that Assad had ordered a chemical attack on his own people a few weeks before.

Foreign Secretary William Hague was on a frantic mission to convince everyone that Assad was a crazy dictator who was gassing his fellow Syrians and the righteous 'rebels' needed a helping hand to overthrow him.

The UK along with the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel had long been arming the 'rebels' but Assad and the Syrian Arab Army had stubbornly refused to capitulate during a war that had lasted two years. In fact, over recent months they had turned the tables and were actually winning the war when the mysterious chemical weapon attack occurred just as UN weapons inspectors had conveniently arrived  in Damascus to look at a previous chemical incident allegedly involving the 'rebels'.

It now is obvious that the chemical weapon attack was a false flag incident set up by rebel factions, and by factions we could now be talking about one of the many foreign groups that are fighting in Syria, there are mercenaries from so many countries it is hard to know where to begin. The original 'Arab Spring' inspired protests by a relatively small group of Sunni Syrian's against Bashar Assad who is Alawite, a minority sect of Shia Muslim has long been high-jacked by Saudi funded Jihadists and extreme Islamist groups that have been destroying the country and are now fighting each other and the original rebel army the FSA.

All in all, it's an ugly mess just as Iraq and Libya have become, with Egypt not far behind, western foreign policy not at it's finest that's for sure.

Just as US missiles were about to start raining in on who knows who and where in Syria, an unlikely figure stepped in and remarkably came up with a plan to not only save lives but which could ultimately end the conflict. It was the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, backed up I should say by a few Russian warships which had sailed into the Med to counter the US naval threat. We will possibly never know just how close we all came to WWIII but suffice to say Kerry and Obama backed down amid growing protests in their own country over the arming of Al Qaeda militias in Syria and the fact that Assad's army were in fact protecting Christian communities in the country.

The latest situation regarding the war in Syria is a possible Geneva peace plan in December arranged by Sergey Lavrov, maybe John Kerry could attempt to upstage him and get a deal with Iran, now who saw that coming? certainly not Israel and the Saudi's, all very unlikely bedfellows to say the least!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Iraq what a bloody mess.

As the months go by now in Iraq you almost get a feeling of Deja-Vu as you read about the daily killings, torture, suicide bombings and kidnappings .

The politicians tell us this isn't a civil war, ..they're right of course,.. it's far worse than that.

Sadly this war is far from over, the hatred is now so deeply embedded I see no way that the Sunni and Shia people can ever live peacefully together again.

Iraqi people are leaving the country and especially the capital Bagdhad in their thousands, it has become the most dangerous place to live in the world, I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to be a family with young children trying to cope amongst all the madness.

The United States along with Britain has got itself into a no-win situation, If they pull their troops out now the US lose control of the region and more importantly to them, the Oil.
The Shia majority backed by Iran would want to create a greater Shia state and take over the oil rich southern parts of the Country. The Kurds in the North are already well on their way to total autonomy.

The Sunni's know they are in danger of being left with nothing but desert and scrubland and although in the minority are still well organised well armed.

If the US decides to stay for the long haul I can honestly see things getting as bad as they did in Vietnam. The Army has already lost nearly 3000 troops, almost the same number as people killed in the 911 attacks.

Of course Saddam Hussain currently being tried by a kangaroo court in Bagdhad had nothing to do with that event, and didn't actually have any weapons of mass destruction, but nobody mentions that anymore do they?