Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anyone remember the Syrian chemical weapon attack?

It seems the UK media and our politicians have conveniently forgotten about the serious situation the country faced over Syria a few weeks ago.

Under intense pressure from the US Secretary of State John Kerry, Prime Minister David Cameron was on the verge of joining France and giving Barack Obama the green light for missile strikes against Syrian President Assad's government on the incredibly suspect accusation that Assad had ordered a chemical attack on his own people a few weeks before.

Foreign Secretary William Hague was on a frantic mission to convince everyone that Assad was a crazy dictator who was gassing his fellow Syrians and the righteous 'rebels' needed a helping hand to overthrow him.

The UK along with the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel had long been arming the 'rebels' but Assad and the Syrian Arab Army had stubbornly refused to capitulate during a war that had lasted two years. In fact, over recent months they had turned the tables and were actually winning the war when the mysterious chemical weapon attack occurred just as UN weapons inspectors had conveniently arrived  in Damascus to look at a previous chemical incident allegedly involving the 'rebels'.

It now is obvious that the chemical weapon attack was a false flag incident set up by rebel factions, and by factions we could now be talking about one of the many foreign groups that are fighting in Syria, there are mercenaries from so many countries it is hard to know where to begin. The original 'Arab Spring' inspired protests by a relatively small group of Sunni Syrian's against Bashar Assad who is Alawite, a minority sect of Shia Muslim has long been high-jacked by Saudi funded Jihadists and extreme Islamist groups that have been destroying the country and are now fighting each other and the original rebel army the FSA.

All in all, it's an ugly mess just as Iraq and Libya have become, with Egypt not far behind, western foreign policy not at it's finest that's for sure.

Just as US missiles were about to start raining in on who knows who and where in Syria, an unlikely figure stepped in and remarkably came up with a plan to not only save lives but which could ultimately end the conflict. It was the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, backed up I should say by a few Russian warships which had sailed into the Med to counter the US naval threat. We will possibly never know just how close we all came to WWIII but suffice to say Kerry and Obama backed down amid growing protests in their own country over the arming of Al Qaeda militias in Syria and the fact that Assad's army were in fact protecting Christian communities in the country.

The latest situation regarding the war in Syria is a possible Geneva peace plan in December arranged by Sergey Lavrov, maybe John Kerry could attempt to upstage him and get a deal with Iran, now who saw that coming? certainly not Israel and the Saudi's, all very unlikely bedfellows to say the least!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Is Osborne having a bubble?

The summer is nearly over although I hear we may be in for a short 'Indian' version next week, I look forward to it. Staying with the climate theme, It seems scientists around the world have finally had to 'fess up' to the fact there has been no global warming for over 15 years, I have the feeling we're going to hear about a 'global cooling' problem very soon, funding has to be maintained you know!

I also hear from George Osborne that the economy is on the mend! Well Hoorah and let's start booking our holidays to the Maldives. The truth of course is far different.

The UK government is no longer serving the public interest but wholly creating more wealth for the richest in society. While wage levels continue to fall and interest rates remain near zero, ordinary savers can only stand idly by while the banks use our money to re-balance their books and again make enormous profits, Meanwhile Chancellor George Osborne and his business chums have instigated a giant 'Ponzi' scheme based on state mortgage subsidies to cover up their failings. The housing bubble of 2008 must seem like a distant memory to some.

Osborne has decided to boost the still over priced housing market through his 'Help to Buy' scheme. This scheme is just a re-election ploy to persuade UK home owners that the economy is healing because house prices are going up (mostly in London and the south). The banks will profit and the new mortgage debt will boost speculation in the financial markets, any loss from mortgage defaults will be picked up by the tax payer, this will of course be the first time buyer who runs into trouble and not the established property developers and foreign investors who this scheme will ultimately benefit.

It's not only the lower paid working class but now also the middle class who are suffering under this incompetent Tory led government. we certainly are 'all in it together' unless of course you happen to be among the top echelon of earners in the UK who really are making a killing from these policies.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Climate Change,..Please!

                                                                 It's all your fault

As we froze through the coldest March in 50 years and the second coldest since records began I noticed a few last ditch efforts from the man made C02 ‘global warming’ fraternity to sucker us in one last time, I read how the increased Antarctic ice levels were due to ‘melting’ and how ‘climate change’ as it is now called, can cause all kinds of different weather such as snow, freezing temperatures, floods and heavy rainfall, funny no mention of warmth which is the one bloody thing we all are crying out for at the moment!

But just when we need heat and light for our homes and workplaces more than ever, we are rapidly heading for the most serious energy crisis this country has ever faced.

Due to the failed science of ‘global warming’ which blamed man made C02 emissions, successive UK government energy ministers have decided to close down most of our coal industry in favour of a ‘dash for gas’, because it gives off only half as much carbon dioxide as coal – this began at a time when we still had enough cheap gas from the North Sea not to worry about becoming dependent on costly gas imports.

Of course now we are reliant on other countries such as Russia to sell us their expensive gas and nothing better illustrates the insanity of the shambles our politicians have led us into than the fact that, just when we are closing down our coal-fired power stations in the hope of saving the planet, the Chinese are building 360 more of them, the Indians a further 450 and even the Germans another 20 – adding far more CO² to the world’s atmosphere every week than Britain puts out in a year.

Maybe this is because they have looked at the figures and accepted there has been no ‘global warming’ for nearly twenty years even though C02 levels have been soaring during that entire time! Maybe they have concluded that our Earth climate is regulated by solar influences and not from the miniscule 0.11% of C02 contribution of total greenhouse gases.

Records show that 6000 more people in the UK have died this winter than last which was milder by comparison, however due to further increases in energy bills, colder winters and higher usage we will all have to find an extra £300 per year by 2018 to heat our homes. It looks like things will get a lot worse before there is any change in the crazy green energy policies this country has signed us all up to.

Friday, March 22, 2013

They're all in it together

A commons vote on the controversial workfare bill passed through parliament a few days ago with hardly a mention in the media.
The government was trying to reverse a court of appeal ruling that two unemployed people had been unlawfully made to work unpaid by their job centre because the DWP had failed to give enough legal information to the jobseekers involved. This was also known as the ‘Poundland’ case.

The decision by the court had meant the two jobseekers along with 250.000 others were in line for £130m in rebates.

This was the type of situation that would have seen the Labour party of old screaming from the rafters and queuing up in the commons to vote against the ‘nasty tories’. As it turned out, following a briefing from Ed Milliband members of the shadow cabinet were told to abstain from the vote and Labour MP’s were told by their whips to do the same.

The shadow work and pensions minister Liam Byrne was the prime mover here and certainly would not have been out of place sitting across the floor in the House of Commons. Forty four Labour MP’s decided to ignore the party whip and vote against the bill but it was carried without any delay.

I think this vote shows how diferent the Labour party is now from its old left wing socialist times. The days of Red Ken, Derek Hatton and all powerful Union leaders are long gone, most of the Labour MP’s these days rubbed shoulders at school and university with many of their Tory and LibDem counterparts.

I think the phrase ‘They’re all in it together’ would be appropriate on this occasion.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We're all in it together

A triple dip recession looms and 6.5 people in the UK are in fuel poverty, that's 27% of households unable to heat their homes to the level needed for comfort and well being.

For the workers, retirement age is being pushed up, pensions are being devalued and savings in the bank earn you 1% interest if you're lucky. Growth has stalled and government borrowing is going up not down.

So what was Chancellor George (or to call him by his real name) Gideon Osborne doing this week to help us all out?

He was in Brussels arguing against European finance ministers discussing plans to clamp down on bankers pay. You see, they want to cap a bankers bonus to only 100% of their salary, 200% if shareholders agree! But this isn't enough for George and his banker buddies, some of them have even threatened to leave the UK  if these plans are implemented.

However, after having seen our two state owned banks RBS lose £6 Billion pounds over the last year and Lloyds £570m, I'm sure we could find a few talented unemployed young people to do a better job.

Osborne was out voted in Brussels by 26 votes to 1.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joe Bonamassa

I'm looking forward to seeing blues rock guitarist and singer Joe Bonamassa play live again, he's playing a few dates in London next month at the end of a current European tour.

If you haven't heard of Joe Bonamassa and like blues/rock with a touch of folk/bluegrass/country thrown in for good measure then Joe's your man. IMO he's probably the best guitarist in the world today and can sing pretty well as a bonus. He's originally from New York but heavily influenced by British Blues players such as Jeff Beck, Paul Kossoff and Rory Gallagher.

I'm told tickets for the London dates are nearly sold out, the Albert Hall sold out very quickly as usual. I believe he's also playing the Hampton Court festival in June with female singer & collaborator Beth Hart.

Here's a YouTube video of Joe playing a song called Dust Bowl live at the Apollo in 2011.